Several factors make the use of robots and machine vision advantageous in industry.

Indeed, labor shortages, repetitive and/or non-value added tasks such as visual inspections, packaging of products, moving products, filling or emptying a machine are just a few examples of tasks that It is possible to automate via vision and robotization.

With a return on investment often less than 1 year, companies that adopt a robotization strategy quickly dominate their market.

Sycodal can guide you through this process,

from the initial idea to the realization of the project.


  • Selection, sales, programming, installation, commissioning and support
  • Risk analysis and safety upgrade of robotic cell machine
  • Reprogramming and modernization of robot cells
  • Turnkey projects

Industrial Vision

  • Quality assurance through 2D and 3D vision
  • Integration of artificial intelligence with the Cognex Vidi suite
  • Multi-camera inspection
  • Continuous inspection with linear camera
  • Feasibility study
  • Turnkey projects