Vision and robots

There are many ways to take advantage from industrial vision and robotization in the industry.

Repetive and no-values tasks such as visual inspections, packaging, manutention, feeding and unfeeding machines are some exemples when automation will use vision and robots. It is a great way of solving labour shortage and achieve your production target.

With a less-than-a-year ROI, industries choosing a robotisation strategy
quickly dominate their market.

Sycodal will lead you in your process,
from the first idea to final completion.

Robot and cobot

  • Selection, sale, programming, installation, commissionning and support
  • Risk analysis and safety upgrade for robot cells
  • Robot cells upgrade
  • Turnkey projects

Industrial vision

  • 2D and 3D vision systems QA
  • AI integration using Vidi suite from Cognex
  • Multicamera inspections
  • Linescan continuous inspections
  • Feasibility studies
  • Turnkey projects

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